Previous Speakers

Previous Speakers

Chang'an University


Zhang Yuzhen

China University of Petroleum

Wang Songgen

Department Dean &DeputyDirector /Chief Engineer

  Sha Aiming

Vice Secretary/Professor
Chang¡¯an University

Gao Bingmei

Deputy Director

  Yu Mingyuan

Division Chief
Research Institute of Highway Ministry of Transport (MOT)
Liang Choufu

Dean of School of Engineering Quanzhou Institute of
Information Engineering
  Zeng Yun

Chief Engieer
Xixian Area Zhongli Asphalt Co., Ltd.
Zhao Lidong

Deputy Director of Drainage asphalt pavement technology R&D department Research Institute of Highway
Ministry of Transport (MOT)
  Li Hui

Tongji University
Cao Dongwei

Deputy Director
Highway Research Center, Research Institute of Highway Ministry of Transport
  Yan Jun

Shanghai Green Pavement Material Engineering Technology ResearchCenter
Wang Xiaofeng

Branch Director of Highway Maintenance Design Research Division
Henan Provincial Communications Planning & Design Institute Co., Ltd.
  Xu Bo

Chief Engineer
Shenzhen Municipal Design & Research Institute Co.,Ltd.
Wu Shaopeng

Professor/Vice Director State Key Laboratory of Silicate Materials for Architectures,
Wuhan University of Technology
  Wu Chuanhai

Deputy Chief Engineer
Guangdong Hualu Communications Technology Co., Ltd.
Zhang Shunxian

Vice Director
Guangdong Provincial Changda Highway Engineering Co.,Ltd.
  Zhang Yanjun

Doctor/Research Associate
Research Institute of Highway Ministry of Transport (MOT)
Zhou Wei

Senior Engineer/Marketing Director
Fujian South Highway Machinery Co., Ltd.
  Song Xuezhong

Chief Engineer
Beijing LulianTechnology Co., Ltd.
Gao Daile

ViceGeneral Manager
Fujian Tietuo Machinery Co., Ltd.
  Yu Jiangmiao

Associate Professor
South China University of Technology
Jiang Wei

Vice Chair of Department of Pavement Engineering School of Highway
Chang'an University
  Wei Jincheng

Deputy Director of Road Research Laboratory
Shandong Transportation Institute